Simple, buy a camper van and we rent it out for you.


You can buy from us using our bespoke manufacturing division or find your own.

We can arrange finance status or non status get in touch now


Our next bespoke builds are well on the way.

You can achieve excellent returns on renting out your camper van.

We do all the work cleaning insurance renting out etc.

You can still use your camper van when is it not rented out free.

How it works

You get 50% of all rentals, paid monthly,

we do the rest road tax, repairs, cleaning, online presence

You can have a third/half/full share in a camper van.

Do you own your own camper van?

Earn some extra cash and let us rent it out for you,




Personal time with your camper when its not​ being rented will always be available!

Thinking of selling you camper van?

Get in touch as we buy campers for cash ! FAST! 

If you are interested in any of the above please get in touch via our contacts page !



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